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Where did my story start

Im Nicola

I initially trained to be a Counsellor and Psycotherapist in 2014 after experiencing therapy myself . After working on myself I discovered my passion in life to really help others help themselves.

I have been where you are in both group and individual therapy, its been hard at times however where its got mt to is a place I could of only imagined. Comfortable in my own skin and in the realtionship I have around me.

Throughout my journey I have also suffered with my own health, eating challenges,  digestive and hormone issues, been diagnoised with PCSO and IBS. I have experinced anixety and depression and stress related challenges  and so I have always had a keen interest in health and nutrition and natural healing.

I am a working Mum of two who continues to navigate my way through lifes hurdles - lifes not easy however when we have the tools and knowledge we can create the right conditions around us to get through.

Since working with my clients I became aware of the link between our gut health and emotional health and so I decided to also train as a Health Coach. Everything is linked and so now with my uniques skills and training I can bring the whole person into the room and work with the past , present and future empowering and sharing my knowledge for you to be the best health both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Come work with me....

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